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Who is Porky?
The man behind this original eatery is 40 year old Steve Mireles. With his strong community ties, and built with a deep commitment to family this restaurant is a dream come true. Steve started out knowing that one day he wanted to own his own sports bar and restaurant, but pursued and achieved an associates degree in Law Enforcement, wanting to give back to the community by being a police officer. As circumstances rolled out in life, as they often do, he started selling cars, in which he has been very successful, not just for himself but has also been able to provide the means for three of his brothers to run businesses of their own and caring for their own families. frontNever giving up on his dream, almost two decades later with a strong family of his own, three kids, he has made it happen. Looking back on this days growing up in a big family, watching the classic movie “Porky’s”, and picking up the nickname himself “Porky” from his Aunt Theresa Castillo, it has all come together, the place of his dreams of the past and of his future.

All the original artwork highlights this strong family, such as the one with the papa pig with angel wings looking down upon his five piglets, and of course all the posters remind us that we are all still kids at heart! The story won’t end here, to date, Porky’s has been incorporated, it is about to be trademarked and sometime soon will be franchised.

crewThe devoted Porky’s staff is made up of friends and family who have decades of restaurant and food service experience. There are three Managers – Chris, who is a close friend of Steve’s and who has about 15 years experience, David, who is Steve’s cousin and has worked for over 20 years in the restaurant industry, and Scott who has worked as a general manager for over ten years in the restaurant industry.

Head chef is Darin Phelps who has 23 years experience in his field. Starting off at the age of 13, assisting his Dad, who arranged and prepared food for the American Legion in California. He has since then been trained as a Master Chef at Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts program in Tahoe, Nevada, and recently worked for Airmark cooking for the Spurs at the Alamodome. Darin met Steve when Steve sold him a car. He lives locally on the West Side, and is excited to be apart of this great start up. He is assisted by the three Joe’s. These cooks are here to make sure that you go home happy and satisfied.